The finest Belgian Blends

Belgian Blenders is synonymous with Belgian quality, craftsmanship and reliability. The brand combines a select group of seven traditional local coffee roasters under one brand name.

By doing so, Belgian Blenders wants to export a piece of our local connoisseur culture and give coffee lovers across the world the opportunity to enjoy the most refined tastes and aromas. Our continuous endeavour to achieve authenticity and perfection allows you to experience quality coffee at a competitive price.


our authentic coffee blends

The seven artisanal coffee roasters of Belgian Blenders each ensure an extremely careful selection of the best coffee beans. Every specific blend is roasted according to tradition to obtain a unique taste. Next, our freshly roasted coffee is packaged professionally to optimally preserve its aroma.

Check out the Belgian Blenders blends, specialist products, mocha products and espresso varieties. We offer you a selection of refined and intense taste accents, ranging from mild and soft to full and strong, guaranteeing a pure and distinctive coffee experience.